Wednesday, September 5, 2007


E is for Expectations. I have expectations. We all have Expectations but I have many Expectations, most of which are a bit out there and completely irrational. I find that it's because of my expectations that I am often upset or hurt or angry or irritated. Or maybe I should say it is because of disappointed expectations that I am often upset, hurt, angry or irritated. I expect things that maybe I shouldn't expect and yet if the world were a better place, my expectations would be so out of the realm of reality. Why settle for anything less than great? Why should I expect less than wonderful? It's lower expectations that make people lazy. I say expect the best and give the best and hopefully someday you'll get what you expect.

Expect count: 12

ps. I expect people to read and make brilliant comments!

expect count: 13


Sue said...

See though? Now I'm afraid to comment. The bar is set too high. I'm totally from the "Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed" school.

If you had put, "p.s. I expect people to read and make somewhat lame comments," I'll bet you'd have 15 comments already.


The Nurse said...

i totally agree with sue- the bar is set totally high and now i am going to mess it up. it pressure is too much. i have to stop here before i say one more lame thing.

Motorcycle Grandma said...

I'm just commenting because you don't expect me to. (Comment count is now at 3)

Jan Estes said...

When expectations are set too high we set may be setting ourselves up for failure. We can always raise our expectations/goals after we have achieved small successes. Keep reaching for the moon but don't forget to enjoy the stars along the way.

Anonymous said...