Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Delicious, dreams

D is for Delicious. I love food. (I just had lunch) For me it's the simple foods that are the best. I'm not really into the gourmet meals where you can't say the name and it doesn't taste like you think it should. For example, today I had a turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo and cheddar cheese for lunch. It was quite delicious. I'd rather have a slice of cheese pizza than some fancy, shmancy duck with plumb sauce and capers something or other. Sometimes I think the chefs in those fancy restaurants randomly pick ingredients out of a bag and have to come up with something. I love pizza and sandwiches and pasta. All those yummy carbs that i shouldn't eat and i usually feel guilty for eating later. But in the moment...it's oh so good.

D is also for Dreams. I have strange dreams and lately i've been dreaming about furniture. I'm moving out in about a month and Sarah and I have been doing a little furniture shopping. Looking around to see what's there, how much it costs and what do we have already. I had a dream about our kitchen table the other day. We found one that we really like at Ikea. It's a bar height table for four. In my dream i found another one at Smith's Market Place that had leaves to make it bigger and it would fit 8 and it came with stools...always helpful. So in my dream I buy the table but Sarah wasn't there and when she found out she was mad that I had bought the table. Saying I had betrayed her. I'm sure there's some deeper meaning on a subconscious level but i don't know what it is.

I also have dreams for my life. Where I want to go, what i want to do, who i want to be. And lately, in particular, I have been really frustrated with the feeling that I can't move forward toward accomplishing those dreams. I am so excited to move out because that is a step towards moving on. Yet, now that the end is in sight, it's gotten so much harder to be at home. I am ready to move out and I'm frustrated that I have to wait until the first week of October to move out. Blast!