Friday, March 30, 2012

The wild world in which we live

I haven't updated all month and quite a bit has happened and continues to happen. Instead of an in-depth update you're getting the Kelly's Update List of Might and Wonder. Yes, you read that correctly... Kelly's Update List of Might and Wonder. It's exciting stuff. So, without further ado, here it is...

  • Finished and passed student teaching
  • Completed screening interviews with seven school districts and the Catholic Diocese
  • Entertained a very generous job offer from Duchesene School District teaching Special Education at Union High in Roosevelt, Utah
  • Took a road trip to check out the YSA scene in Roosevelt...very young and naive
  • Nearly died on said road trip due to lovely March blizzard
  • Determined I cannot, under any circumstances, live in Utah County. The construction alone would negatively impact my health and driving record
  • Received second job offer to teach at a junior high in Ogden, which I am still considering. (Yes, you read that correctly. I have gotten two job offers. I had two non-district interviews and both resulted in job offers. Just had to toot my own horn a bit. Okay, bragging done)
  • I continue to work on finishing up my Teacher Work Sample, ePortfolio and other odds and ends in preparation for graduation this spring
  • Casually and not so casually looked for a new apartment
  • Got the oil changed on my car
  • Made some really great new friends from my cohort
  • Finally released from old calling and called as the Relief Society pianist
  • Sang in Sacrament meeting with Shannon
  • Agreed to sing in my parent's ward with Shannon and Lisa...although that won't be for a few more weeks
  • Called for two interviews at local charter schools
  • Purchased first ever suit to look appropriately professional for said interviews...I think it worked
  • AND I'm going to see Hunger Games tonight with the sister and her hubby
All in all, it's been a pretty busy month and the upcoming months will probably be just as busy as I, hopefully, get settled in with a new job, new apartment and new ward. Maybe then I'll remember to blog a bit not.