Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm baaaAAAAkkkk...

...at least for a little while.I'm not going to do a long recap spiel. Instead you're getting a list. I love lists and you should too.

1. moved into my very first, on my own apartment. It's small and adorable and I love living on my own.
2. I still miss Lisa...all.the.time.
3. Four days after I moved into my new place I drove myself to the ER in the wee hours of the morning. This resulted in a four day hospital visit and having my gallbladder removed. I don't recommend this.
4. Started going to my new ward and made new friends (Hallelujah!)
5. Consumed far too many Mint Oreos.
6. Officially joined the adult population by purchasing my first vacuum and couch...well, love seat.
7. (Re)discovered the glory of Hastings...probably too much.
8. Put together some furniture...on my own...for the first time in five years. Lisa always took care of that stuff.
9. Discovered how I actually like my things organized. It was always far more important to Lisa so I just let her do her thing. It's been nice to move and organize and let the mess sit for as long as I want.
10. My tiny apartment doesn't heat very well...I've learned the art of layering.
11. School was a bit of a trial after I returned from my surgery. I love what I do but I was hard pressed to remember that in the weeks between my return and Christmas. Hopefully we'll all be back to our happy selves after Christmas break.
12. Determined a new five-ish year plan.
13. Low-key Christmas and have made the jaunt up to Idaho to spend New Year's with Lisa (hence the internet access and subsequent blogging).

Time is up! We're off to have fun...can't say when I'll be back!