Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Such grand expectations...

I had planned to post once a week with a recap of my student teaching adventures...


Obviously, blogging did not happen as planned. I am on the downward slide now. I'm finishing up week 5 of 10. It's been exhausting, frustrating, infuriating, confusing, frightening and absolutely fantastic. I basically have 4 weeks left and I'm starting to get a little anxious with all I still need to accomplish. Plus, I'll really miss my students. Yes, I know. They aren't really my students. But after teaching them for the past month, I feel like they're my students. I won't miss the waking up well before dawn. I won't miss the snarky comments that come my way. I won't miss the complete and utter exhaustion.

But, thankfully, this experience has just made me more excited about what my future holds. I cannot wait to have my own classroom. I can't wait to get everything organized and ready to go. I feel absolutely ready. I know the first year of teaching will kick my butt but (tee-hee) I am beyond excited about it.'s to 4 more weeks!

  • Getting several glowing evaluations from my Westminster Supervisor
  • Not feeling nervous every morning on the drive to work
  • Establishing and enjoying the relationship with my students
  • Positive feedback from students and peers
Low lights
  • Having a student threaten to "curse" me...not AT me but an actual supernatural, witch and spells curse.
  • Having to fight students every day about their cell phones
  • Back-talking
  • Smart students that are just too lazy to actually turn in their homework
  • Having to teach ACT Prep...gross!