Sunday, September 2, 2007


C is for Conversation. I'm a talker. I love to talk. I will talk for hours if given the chance. This is slightly ironic considering the fact that i come from a family that does not talk. Growing up we never talked to each other. We didn't really communicate about what we were doing in our lives or what we were experiencing, even if we were experiencing the same things. Maybe that's why I talk so much now and I'll usually share with anyone that will ask. Maybe because we didn't talk growing up I feel I have to make up for lost time? I love to sit over a leisurely dinner with friends and just talk. You sit down to a nice meal with friends in your favorite restaurant and find the dining room empty when you get up to leave and are astonished when you realize that you've been sitting there for three hours. It's an evening well spent. Good food, good people, good conversation. It makes me happy.