Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Job Description

So my doctor is really irritating. She supposedly knows what she's talking about, I guess but that doesn't really do me any good if she doesn't tell me what's going on or explain it to me in layman's terms. I had some tests done May 7 and I still haven't heard back from her. I called her last week but she was in "session" but I left a detailed message with my phone number for her to call back and she hasn't yet. I called again this morning and left a voicemail at her extension and I have yet to hear from her. When she does actually call you or you're at an appointment, she explains everything on the molecular level in a really detailed, confusing way. I don't need to know exactly what the cells are doing or why they're doing it...just tell me what it means for me on a daily basis and how we're going to fix it. And then when it doesn't work or something changes, let me know what's going on. I'm annoyed and frustrated and I know this level of annoyance, irritation and frustration is actually a symptom of whatever is going on hormonally in my body and would/could be fixed if she would just call me back, but that doesn't really help with the actual emotions of the moment, now does it?

Isn't it part of a doctor's job description to communicate with their patient? I mean, what's the point if you don't actually treat what's wrong with your patient? Although, as far as fulfilling your job description...I haven't been such a great job at that lately. But in my own defense, I'm getting everything done that is supposed to be's just that I don't have a ton of work to do. Today, for example...I answered my emails and did a few other things but I was done with that around 10:00 (I got in around 9:30) and since then I have been working on my resume, cover letter, getting references together and looking for jobs online. The sooner I get a job, the sooner I can move, the sooner I hope to regain some sanity.

I visited Sara last weekend in California and it only solidified my desire to move to California. It is such a different environment. It's laid back yet constantly moving. There are young people everywhere. People are out doing things. It's high energy. I actually went 72 hours without having an "in-depth" conversation about dating, marriage, or romantic relationships. We talked about books and music and family and our jobs! It was great! I forgot what that was like. On Monday, when i got back I went to lunch and a movie with Sarah (not to be confused with Sara) and it was the same thing. I miss these girls when they're not around. I am so glad that Sarah's going to be in Salt Lake this summer. I'll be able to get a little balance in my social life, hopefully. I'm excited to get going and it feels great to actually be doing something proactive. I hate the job search process but it's a good thing. It means change and that is something that I desperately need right now.


Wendy said...

Have you thought about talking to other women with similar medical needs to find a doctor you could communicate with more easily? I'm sure there are online forums and such that could be helpful... Just a thought.

The Nurse said...

kelly- we will miss you so much! you add so much engery to the dynamics of your family... but i'm really excited for you to get on with your life too! they are going to be lucky to have you and i'm sure you will be grateful to be there too! just know you will be missed and we love your guts! and i'm sorry about your dr. they can be a pain in the butt.

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