Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes...this day, 23 years ago the world was forever changed. Today is my 23rd birthday. Last night we had a birthday dinner with the family and both Pat and I opened presents and we had cake. We both made a big deal out of the fact that we didn't actually get to choose our "birthday dinner" meal as we usually do but we didn't really least I didn't. It just got a rise out of my mom. I know, aren't we precious. But it was a nice meal. We had steak and potatoes, salad, sauteed mushrooms and yummy yummy rolls. There was, of course, cake and ice cream. Pat got money to buy don't buy clothes for Pat. It just ends up badly. And I got a clock/radio/alarm clock/ipod speakers thingy. It's pretty cool. I also got a DVD from pat and a Barnes and Noble gift card. It was a pretty good birthday and tonight Nikki is having an impromptu birthday something at her apartment tonight.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed with my other, supposedly, "closer friends". Not too shocked but disappointed none the less. One wasn't sure when my birthday was and the other had forgotten it was coming up. I'm not sure if either of them will be there tonight. I'm trying really hard not to be hurt or upset but I've been pretty angry lately with one in particular. I don't want to be angry but I've really been hurt and it's hard to get over that. I'm trying but it isn't very easy. They can show or not show...I'm done fretting about it...or at least I want to be and I'm trying to be. I do have some pretty great friends, regardless and that's what I choose to focus on.

I'm not moving south with Rebecca and Kristen. We went to look at apartments and condos and such and they were very nice and I liked them but then I remembered that I would have to live in Sandy or Draper and I wasn't too excited about that. So Kristen and Rebecca are still going to move south, sans the third roommate. They were okay with it, for the most part, but even if they weren't, it wouldn't change my mind. Is that bad? I just really like where I am right now. I love my ward and being downtown. I have a great commute to work. And if I'm going to be able to afford London next fall, I need to be saving as much money as I possibly can. So for now, the plan is to just grit my teeth, hunker down at my parents and save, save, save. We'll see if my sanity can handle that but it's probably for the best.