Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Utah Weather

Did I miss the memo? It's snowing today and I had no idea it was going to snow. I was under the impression that it was going to be nice weather for the rest of the week. When I left the house this morning it was a nice spring morning. Not too warm but not cold. It was crisp. The sun was shining so I wore flip flops, walking shorts, a t-shirt and a denim jacket. Needless to say, I am not dressed appropriately for the weather. By 11:00 it was raining and by 12:30 the rain had turned into snow/sleet. It is now 3:15 and it is snowing. Nothing is sticking to the ground but little white flurries are falling from the sky. I'm glad i have a heater under my desk at work. I am definitely a warm weather creature. I looked up the weather next week for's going to be in the mid-upper 70's! Beautiful, beautiful warm weather. I'm excited.

Utah weather patterns are interesting, to say the least. We get snow in July and 60 degree weather in December. I shouldn't be surprised by this spring time snow storm and I'm not, i'm just disappointed. Rain I can deal with. Rain is a spring phenonemon...but snow?! No. Snow should be restricted to the late fall/winter months of November, December, January, February and early March. And I mean early March - as in the first week of March. I don't mind the appropriate season. It should not snow April - mid October. It just shouldn't.