Monday, April 9, 2007

Kids say the darndest things...

It was Easter Sunday so the family came up to my parents and we did hamburgers and chicken on the grill. The grand kids did a little Easter Egg hunt in the backyard (so cute!) and we all just hung out. It was a really nice evening/afternoon. I was outside playing catch with my niece and nephew and Lauren was talking about how she played football at school and all that fun stuff. Then Logan chimes in with, "Kelly, you're taking a long time to find someone to marry." I stare at him and start laughing and he continues, "You should hurry up." He then went on to talk about his other aunt (my sister in-law's sister) and how she was old and not married. I can't remember how the conversation ended but yeah. I actually think it's pretty funny. So if you all know of any single, eligible bachelors...send 'em my way because my 7 year old nephew thinks I need to hurry up and get married!

The offending child...and he seems so sweet, doesn't he?