Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Happy 100

A new twist on the "My 100" list. This is My Happy 100. 100 things that make me happy. I will have you know that this list took me all morning. I kept coming back to it. It's kind of sad that it took me that long to think of 100 things that made me happy. I'm going to try to think of at least one thing every day that makes me happy.

1. Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.
2. Calling someone and having them answer with just a "hey" because they know it's you.
3. Kelky
4. the tingling feeling you get from chapstick when your lips are really dry
5. smooth, clean shaven legs-without any nicks
6. new shoes
7. polka dots
8. coloring
9. waking up and realizing you have another hour to sleep
10. waking up and realizing that you can sleep as long as you want
11. flowering trees
12. summer evenings
13. the first snow
14. scarfs
15. finding $20 in your winter coat pocket from the previous winter
16. fresh flowers
17. gooey brownies
18. cooking for friends
19. movie marathons
20. Gilmore Girls marathons wth Sara
21. Lost marathons with Christopher and Rebecca
22. Old beat up trucks
23. Ikea catalogs
24. Pottery Barn catalogs
25. Bed, Bath and Beyond.
26. Roadtrips with friends
27. Getting lost with friends
28. Acting like i'm 13
29. "popcorn popping on the apricot tree"
30. Ma!? Bam-pa!? Mommy?! Daddy?! Kelky!?
31. Reconnecting with old friends
32. making new friends
33. talking until 1 am with good friends without realizing how late it actually is
34. Laughing until you cry
35. Re-reading old journals and realizing that you have learned something...however little
36. Sitting on the beach at night
37. Sitting on the back of the houseboat as the sun sets behind the red rocks
38. Girls night out
39. Girls night in
40. Getting lost in a good book
41. Barns and Noble
42. Old Books
43. New Books
44. Any book
45. Full bookshelves
46. Pictures of friends and family
47. Thought provoking conversations
48. Silly conversations
49. lingering conversations
50. Homemade Chicken noodle soup
51. the smell of clean laundry
52. the sound of rain oustide my window as i fall asleep
53. solving a problem
54. finishing a project
55. going to an interesting class and engaging in an intelligent discussion
56. friendly debate/conversation
57. Friendly silence - being comfortable with a person that you don't have to speak
58. singing
59. finally nailing that difficult piano piece
60. unexpected validation
61. dancing like it doesn't matter
62. deep cleaning every once in a while
63. making lists...duh
64. marking things off my to-do list
65. falling into bed after a night out with friends
66. a smile from a friendly face
67. hearing "i love you" from anyone
68. a favorite song
69. beautiful harmony
70. beautiful melody
71. dressing up
72. lounding in fat-pants
73. hanging out with my siblings
74. rollercoasters
75. talking on the phone for hours
76. loosing track of time because you're busy
77. unexpected compliments
78. Nostalgia
79. letting loose
80. monkeys
81. puppies
82. cheesy 90's pop music
83. warm bread
84. laughter
85. three day weekends
86. Paris
87. London
88. St. James Park
89. lazy staurdays
90. The Pie Pizza
91. Kyoto
92. Pagoda
93. clean sheets
94. clean boy smell
95. White Cherry Blossom-Bath and Body Works
96. innocence of little kids
97. warm fires on a cold winter night
98. campfires
99. trips with friends
100. crunchy cheetos


Ash said...

I love all those 100 things about you!!! And I love that after years--literally years that I can read those and still imagine sitting off the back of the houseboat as the sun sets over the cookie jar--the warm powell breeze and twilight lighting the faces of the hot boys on their slalom course ;) Oh how i love you Kell! Honestly--there are a few friends that come and go, and like the setting sun you know another will rise--but then there are those that linger in your heart and regardless of the months that pass, and the miles that seperate--you will think of them often and always keep them near! It's so good to be able to stay caught up on your life--the blog is great! I can't believe how big the little ones in your life are getting!

Annie said...

This is a good idea. Curse you for giving me something else to waste my time with.

Anonymous said...