Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Vacation time..

I am having the hardest time focusing on anything of any importance lately. I need to go on vacation and luckily i wll...next week! YAY! Next week Rebecca and I will be going to California for four days. I am so excited, I cannot even tell you! I really need this. My ability to focus at work has steadily declined. My parents are randomly going to Paris next week and I am so jealous! They're staying in the Latin Quarter, a couple of blocks from the Musee D'Orsay and across the river from the Louvre. I'm jealous, jealous, jealous. I loved Paris and really want to go back. But i will have to content myself with Southern California for now. Which, really isn't too shabby.

I went to the dentist this afternoon. I'm finally done with everything. I had two fillings on opposite sides of my mouth so my whole mouth is numb and it was a really long appointment so my jaw hurts. It's awesome. I feel like i'm constantly drooling (i'm not) so i keep wiping my mouth. I look like i have an OCD twitch or something. It's awesome. I'm also really hungry and won't be able to eat for a couple of hours because i'd probably be more likely to take a chunk out of my cheek or my tongue.

Rebecca, Kristin and I are moving closer to getting a place. SO exciting. We have an appointment to look at a Condo/Townhouse in Sandy. With three of us paying rent we can afford a pretty nice place and we're moving to the Sandy area because it's the middle for all of us. Kristin works and goes to school at the U and Rebecca is starting at UVSC (now UVU) this fall in Orem. AND I work at about 40th South. So it's ideal for me. I'll probably be closer to work and if not, i won't be farther away...i'll just be 20 minutes in the other direction. We found this place on Craigslist that is pretty cute and we have an appointment to go look at it tomorrow night. We're also looking at apartments and such, would be tons cheaper but not as much room. Anyway, I'm excited. Rebecca's lease is up the end of May and Kristin's is up first week of June, so I'll probably be moving the last weekend of May. EXCITING! YAY!