Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gross Gross Gross

I was talking to a friend on the phone as I was driving home from work yesterday. I got pulled into a meeting at the last minute at work and was late coming home to meet my friends . . . at my apartment. My friend was parked out in front of my apartment waiting for me and she's telling me what she sees from her car. She comments and the crosswalk sign she is parked next to and then she mentions the two homeless guys that are walking down the street. One is spitting, one was coughing and they were talking to each other. I see them as I pull up to the traffic light outside my apartment. As I am waiting for the light to change I see one of them sit on my neighbor's wall and the other walk towards the back of my apartment building and go into the carport and disappear from view. I pull into the driveway and start to pull into my parking spot (the corner spot in the car port and the homeless guy is facing the corner. He looks over his shoulder at me, sitting in my car waiting for him to move. He turns around, zips up his pants and walks away, making a gesture like, it's all yours! The man was peeing in my carport! Not only in my carport but my parking spot in my carport! Gross!!!!! Now every time I park my car I'm going to think of the peeing homeless man. I mean, just up the street is a Smith's with a public bathroom. He couldn't walk the three blocks to use the public bathroom? gross.