Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging before bed...

...generally isn't a good idea. Blogging while in bed, probably an even worse idea but oh well. I find (and maybe it is just me) that I am more emotional and slightly irrational the later it gets and the more tired I become and all the late night rants (on here, to friends, in my journal) seem slightly ridiculous and melodramatic when read and remembered in the light of day - which explains why people say to "sleep on it" when making a big decision. So it's late-ish, i'm tired and i'm in've been warned.

I didn't get into Sarah Lawrence. I know, I'm announcing my failure on the world wide web - probably not the best idea. I figure we're all friends here, at least I hope and really, it's gonna come out eventually. I told my sister first..and when i say told, i mean i sent her a text message. I've been trying not to think about it and have been mostly successful. I've been pretty busy this week with work and helping friends plan weddings and such so i haven't had much time to think about it during the day. However, when i'm by myself, not focusing on anything in particular or trying to unwind and go to sleep, it's all i can really think about. I keep thinking that i've let people down. I failed at the one thing that i'm actually good at, or at least thought I was good at (see...? melodramatic, but at least i'm aware i'm being melodramatic). I haven't really cried about it, which i find kind of odd. When I was deferred for the early decision applicant pool for Scripps I was depressed for a while and i definitely cried myself to sleep for a couple of nights. And people may say, well, maybe you didn't want Sarah Lawrence bad enough and i don't think that's it. I've dreamt about this program and living in New York and moving on with my life for months. When i would look at my life for the next two years I saw so many wonderful and exciting things. Now when I look ahead i don't see anything. Nothing. My life is a complete blank. You would think that i would at least morn the loss of the future that I have dreamt of for the past six months. (before anyone comments how six months isn't that long, let me just ask you how many people you know that have gotten engaged and are married within six months)

I just don't feel like i've processed it at i just don't want to deal with it. I don't want to think about it because if i did that would mean i would have to accept the fact that i failed...yet again. I don't think people realize how often i feel like i have failed or i could have done better and this is yet another, rather public, example of my own failure. So now my future stretches before me - a vast expanse with no details (again, melodramatic). I haven't really talked about this with anyone. I sort of did with my mom but i just don't know how to verbalize what i'm feeling and thinking. I just want to close my door and stay in my room. I don't want to go out. And I don't want to feel guilty about doing that. I'm tired of trying to be what people think i should be and then feeling horribly guilty when i don't measure up.

I know this is melodramatic and i'll read this tomorrow and wonder why did i write it. I know that i'm tired and stressed and upset. I know that a lot of this response has to do with the fact that I haven't slept much lately because I cough most of the night. I cough so much that it triggers my gag reflex and my throat muscles are actually sore, not sore throat sore but muscle sore from coughing so much. I know i'll get through all this and i'll come out on the other end a better person and hopefully had a better experience than i could have dreamed. I know I have a Heavenly Father that is looking out for me and trying to guide me in the right direction. I know this. But right now, in this moment i just want to give up. I am tired of trying and running into brick walls. I'm tired of trying and getting doors slammed in my face.


Annie Get Your Camera said...

I reiterate: You did NOT fail.

The Nurse said...

i second that. you are FANTASTIC. there is always DU... you would love the fall weather here. :) however i don't think your mom or annie would be too happy if we stole you.

i'm sorry it didn't work as planned, but something will.

Wendy said...

Kelly, that blows. Let's not pretend like it doesn't. It blows and I'm sorry. But it IN NO WAY makes you a failure. Also: what everyone else wants and expects of you is irrelevant. And even if it wasn't, I doubt anyone out there is thinking, "Gee, Kelly, that whole thing where you had a plan for Sarah Lawrence and it didn't work out the way you expected? Thanks for letting me down." That's just not what's happening. (And if anyone IS thinking that, they're a tool and you should cut them off. Now. Seriously. Now. I'm waiting.)

You are ambitious and intelligent and Sarah Lawrence is not the end of the road. It sucks right now, but eventually it won't suck as much. I promise. You could still move to New York. There are a lot of schools there and a lot of opportunities in the fields that interest you. Sarah Lawrence was one avenue, but it's not the only one. I hope you'll find one that fits for you. But please don't let yourself believe you've failed. You didn't. As they say, There's more than one way to skin a cat. (Eloquent, I know.)

Hugs and such being sent your way.

Anonymous said...