Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Break-up Hair

Three posts in one day! Gasp! I could have really combined everything into one uber post but I didn't. So there. I got my hair cut today. It really needed it. But more than that, I really needed it. This is my break-up haircut. As my sister put it, it's like when you break up with your boyfriend you go out and chop all your hair off. It's true I don't have a boyfriend but did recently get some bad news...so when I went into Frank today (Frank is a genius, by the way) and he suggested trying something new and short and said, sure! why not?! I've never liked myself with short hair, I chopped off all my long, beautiful blonde hair (13 inches) beginning of senior year and had a horrible bob. Ever since then, I have been terrified of short hair. BUT Frank is a genius. Please excuse the cheesy, semi frightening picture. I took it in the mirror above my dresser.