Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I fail

My new doctor has told me that I need to make a "lifestyle" change. Which, as Sarah so kindly pointed out to me, is only a euphemism for a "diet". Given family history and my own medical history, unless I make this "lifestyle change" I will get diabetes. It's not a maybe type situation, it's basically a certainty. So I'm supposed to do a high protein, low carb diet with lots of exercise. I'm supposed to get a personal trainer and I have the number of a place she suggested.

High protein, low carb. Lots of meat. Which is fine...for the most part. But it means i must say goodbye to the good things in life...bread. Pasta. Rice. Cake. Cookies. Pizza. Doughnuts. Basically all comfort foods in all their wondrous forms. The days of a convenient breakfast of a bagel and bag of cereal are gone. Trade that cookie in for an apple or some string cheese. I really shouldn't complain too much. I know this is a good thing. I'll feel better physically and I'll feel better about myself but...i love me some bread. And I fail...hard. Yesterday not only had pizza for dinner, but we also got an order of the cheese pull-a-part bread from the Pie. I then had a doughnut for dessert and this morning I had another doughnut with my apple for breakfast. I fail.

I fail.


The Nurse said...

i will do it with you. i'm always trying to find someone else who is doing the same thing... and i need that extra support. it truly isn't bad once you get going on it... but i do agree with you all of those wonderful carbs are delicious. :) i'm sorry to hear that you HAVE to do it. i don't like doing things that people say I HAVE TO... somehow i get mad and do the opposite just to prove a point. which in the end is never good for me anyway... :( but i'm still sorry for your loss of foods you love. i am right there with you my friend. ;p

Wendy said...

Could you get protien from plant sources so you don't always feel like you're stuffing yourself with meat? And are all carbs on the "not so much" list, or is it more of the white stuff? "Lifestyle changes" are definitely hard, but I bet you can do it. You're pretty stubborn (or is it nicer to say determined?). :) Good luck! Keep us posted. I send lots of meaty thoughts your way!

Sue said...

Yum, carbs.

I need to make a lifestyle change myself. First I need to finish this pan of brownies though.

Annie said...

You can do preggo yoga with me if you want... Of course that means I have to start doing it myself, which I need to. Just pretend the ladies aren't pregnant.

Stepicks Gone Wild said...

Ahhh... food failure... I'm right there with you... it's hard to fail, unless it tastes as good as good food does!

Anonymous said...