Friday, June 22, 2007


So this has been a work in progress for several days. And i know, for a work that has been in progress for several days should be more impressive than it is, but you should just be happy that there's anything! I hope this satisfies those of you that have been asking (and i use that term loosely) for an update. Here you go!

The WGU universe is out to get me. It just doesn't want me to work anymore. I keep getting strange error messages whenever I try to do anything. Error 1229 "An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection". Error 2 "System cannot find file specified". Error "Oracle encountered an error and cannot perform the requested operation". My life is full of error messages and technological roadblocks. Our database doesn't want to let me drop students or move folders. Emails get bounced back to me and employees send mean emails about duplicate emails they're getting when they shouldn't even be on the notification email list. It's been frustrating, to say the least.

Sara is out of the country for about a month. She and her brother went to Israel for the Birthright trip. They're visiting family and then they'll visit family in New Jersey on their way back. She asked Katy and I to look on Craigslist to price out 3 bedroom houses in the North Hollywood area. The Tuckers want to rent their house to us for as cheap as we can find, they just don't want to actually do any of the research for it. So i've been checking craiglist to see what I can find. I was able to find a 3 bedroom house for $1800...totally not typical but we'll just have to see what the Tucker's think. The low range is around $2000. With three of us, it comes out to be about $650 per person, not including utilities. again...we'll just have to see what happens. There's a guest house on the property (yes, it's a property) and if we could get a fourth, it would be even cheaper, which would be super. Sara's friend from high school has a younger brother that may want to move in, which would be great...but again...we'll just have to wait and see. If we could get a fourth roommate, it would bring rent down a couple hundred dollars and that with the raise I got at work would mean that I could keep my current job and just work from home. How excellent would that be?! I could probably swing it with just the three of us, but money would be tight.

Another roadblock has popped up...i went to a new doctor last week...yes, yet another doctors. We're up to six doctors in about 5 years. that's a little depressing, if you ask me. Anyway, new doctor. My mom is pretty insistent, and I sort of have to agree with her, even though i really don't want to, that I need to stay put until we get a handle on all the health stuff. I don't know why i think this time is going to be different. History and experience has taught me not to trust doctors and my faith in the medical profession, in general, is not too high. BUT i find myself hopping that this time will be different. That this time, this doctor will see something that the other 5 missed and she'll be able to put all the pieces together and i can actually deal with this all and move on. BUT again...we'll have to see what happens. I had to go and get my blood drawn this morning...i set a new record for myself. It was nine tubes...count 'em...9 test tubes. I asked the phlebotomist how much blood that was and she said it was about 3 tablespoons. Doesn't sound like too much but when you've got a needle sticking in your arm and it's your blood that is slowly filling the test tubes, trust's a lot. But she was pretty good and didn't have any trouble finding a vein. Last time I had that much drawn, the woman couldn't find a vein and kept poking me and then forgot to fill a tube and i had to go back in. You see why i don't have a whole lot of confidence in the medical profession....? Would you?

I've decided that it's hard to feel like a "grown up" when you're still living in your parent's basement.