Friday, July 6, 2007

The Surreal Life...not just a television show

About a week ago, my sister claimed she saw Naveen Andrews at the Smith's Grocery store by our house. Naveen Andrews plays Sayid on "Lost". She and my brother-in-law said they saw him looking at hair care products. I wasn't so sure it was actually him. I mean, what on earth would he be doing in Salt Lake City? I mean, if you're going to visit Utah, you'd think he'd be staying in Park City or Sundance...not the Avenues in downtown Salt lake City. But then my younger brother said that his friend saw a bunch of the Lost cast at the Salt Lake Art's Festival. I still had my doubts that Annie and Travis actually saw him at the 6th Avenue Smith's Grocery store. So Annie and I were at this same Smith's on the 4th of July getting food for our little BBQ we were having that night. I look in the rear view mirror and see this guy driving by in an early 90's Oldsmobile-ish type car. I did a double take and yes, it was him. It was Naveen Andrews. He was at my Smith's. But again...what he's doing in Salt Lake City I have no idea and for this long too. It's been at least a week and a half since Annie and Travis saw him. So I have to say, I was wrong. Annie and Travis actually did see him and for whatever reason he's staying in the Avenues area.

I got an interesting phone call yesterday on my way home from work. I didn't recognize the number or the area code but I thought it might be someone calling from one of the jobs in Claremont that I sent my resume to. Usually I don't answer numbers I don't recognize because when I do, it's usually someone speaking very fast in spanish looking for a James something or other. It's a good thing I did answer the phone because it was Shelly from Google. They want to re-open my application. They're going to fly me out there in a couple of weeks to finish the interview process that we started last summer and I need to take the Admin test. I was stunned. I'm still in a little bit of a shock. It may change my moving plans. I would probably move sooner than if I move to LA. AND that throws a wrench in the plans for Katy and Sara. So i'm a little confused at this point.

Completely unrelated to Google or Sayid....I am completely frustrated with friends. (Damien this is for you). Why can't everyone just get along?! I don't understand why my friends just can't like each other. I mean would make my life so much easier. And it's not that they won't be civil or polite to each other, because they're good people and aren't rude, it's just that they would rather not have to try-you know? It just ends up being an awkward evening of trying to bridge the conversation between groups of people. So I end up having to segregate my friends and divide up my time between them when really it would just be so much easier if they could all just be friends too! It would make life so much easier. It's annoying and i'm done with it. I'm going to hang out with who I want to hang out with, when I want to hang out with them. I'm tired of the quasi-guilt trips and the not so subtle barbs. Last time I checked, we are all adults and we should start acting like it. Don't get threatened if I decide to hang out with someone else.


Annie said...

First, I have a theory that no one every really becomes an "adult". In fact, "adult" is just a made up word for older people to feel superior to younger people. For example, how many "adults" do you find still laughing at potty humor? Not very adult, and yet we still do it even though we say we are "adults". So I think it's time we all accept that there is no such thing as "being adults".

Second, Dad's gonna looooooove the Google news. Are you ready for that?

Third, as if I would lie to you about Sayid. If I wasn't 100% sure it was him, I would have said so. :P

Ash said...

I LOVE THE GOOGLE NEWS! I LOVE GOOGLE!!! Google and costco and the beach, and of course the church and other related eternal things--but GOOGLE!!! SWEET!

Stepicks Gone Wild said...

Whoo hoo... DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you to have issues with friends! Good luck trying to figure that one out!

Google rocks and Google=$$$$ so go for it!

Last, I don't watch Lost (Gilligan's Island with sex) so no comment on Syoid, but 24 rules!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy said...

GOOGLE!! YAY! I love "street view" on Google Earth and love that they use embarrasing pictures of people on it. Also love that if you ask Google for directions from New York to London they tell you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean (really, they do. try it.). AWESOME. They have a sense of humor. Maybe they'd be fun to work for.

You know, some people just don't get along and there's nothing wrong with that. They just have to accept that you might get along with someone they don't. If they try to make you feel bad about your friendship with their dislike-ee, maybe they're the one who's not worth your time.

Anonymous said...