Friday, March 23, 2007

Sould be working

So I should be working seeing as how I'm going to be in meetings aaaaall day long - eh. Oh well. This is far more entertaining.

1. real name → Kelly
2. nickname--> Kell ( a select few) tinkerbell (my dad)
3. single or taken → single
4. zodiac sign → Taurus...i'm stubborn. Just ask my father.
5. male or female → female
6. elementary → Parley's Park until 2nd grade then McPolin
7. middle → TMMS (Treasure Mountain Middle School)
8. high → RHSM (Rowland Hall St. Mark's School) It's a private school in Salt Lake. Yes i went to private school.
9. eye color→ i say green with flecks of brown, others say i have blue, so i guess it depends on who you ask and if they're color blind.
10. hair color → dark blonde? sorta brown but not really.
11. long or short → longish short
15. are you a health freak--> nope
16. height → 5'4?
17. do you have a crush on someone → doesn't everyone?
18. do you like yourself → for the most part
19. piercings → 2
20. tattoos → nope
21. righty or lefty → righty

22. first surgery -Tonsels when i was about 7 or 8
23. First piercings→ ears
24. first best friend(s) → Laura Mcdonald on Michigan Avenue. She was cool.
25. first award→something for dance, i'm sure
26. first sport → dance/cheerleading
28. first vacation → probably Lake Powell or California but i'm thinkin it was Lake Powell

49. eating → a bag of Life cereal
50. drinking → water
52. i'm about to→ answer more questions
53. listening to → other people typing
55. waiting to → wake up.
57. wearing → white skirt from The Loft, jean jacket from Nordstrom and a green shirt from Down East Basics with my black flip flops.

58. want kids?→ absolutely
59. want to get married? → yes
60. career? → something involving education

68. lips or eyes? → eyes all the way
69. hugs or kisses → both
70. shorter or taller → taller than me...which isn't too difficult to do.
72. romantic or spontaneous? → spontaneously romantic
73. nice stomach or nice arms? → if forced to choose, arms...although someone with a nice stomach would generally have nice arms too.
75. hook-up or relationship? → relationship
77. trouble maker or hesitant? a combination of both??

78. kissed a stranger--> no..didn't know him too well but he wasn't a stranger
79. drank bubbles → no
80. lost glasses/contacts: → my glasses but they were quickly found again
81. ran away from home → i probably thought about it when i was younger...maybe even got to the end of the block before going home and no one even knew i was gone.
82. broken any bones → nope
84. broken someone's heart → not to my knowledge
85. been arrested → nope.
86. turned someone down → yep.
87. cried when someone died → when both my grandparents died. I actually think it was harder to see my dad cry.
88. liked a friend → yes...i don't reccomend it.

89. yourself→ for the most part
90. miracles→ absolutely
91. love at first sight → sort of
92. heaven → yes
93. Santa Clause → i'm not sure I ever really did
94. sex on the first date → nope
95. kissing on the first date → if it feels right, okay
96. angels → yes

97. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? → there's only the one
98.What's something you're tired of? → playing the game
99. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? →nope
100. Do you believe in God? → yes i do.