Thursday, March 8, 2007

MY 100...

I got this from my cousin and my sister...i think i'm doing this on..

1. I'm tired of doctors.
2. I'm tired of being tired of doctors
3. I really like goldfish crackers...the original kind in the blue bag.
4. I'm a snacker
5. My room is such a mess it's frightening. It's like my closet and my dresser exploded.
6. The physical state of my room is generally a pretty good reflection of the general state of my mind.
7. I love my books...maybe a little too much.
8. I don't get to read as often as I used to.
9. I can be fickle
10. I try to be organized but it generally fails miserably
11. People think i'm much smarter than i am...i'm just good at faking it.
12. I like to color
13. I'm a feminist
14. I'm proud that i'm a feminist
15. I like to sing
16. I like to play the piano
17. I like to dance
18. I'm not exceptionally talented at any of them
19. My younger brother is pretty cool
20. My sister can make me laugh...even when she's not really saying or doing anything funny.
21. Her little boy is pretty dang cute
22. So are my other nephews and niece.
23. I can't wait to be a mother
24. I worry sometimes that I won't be able to
25. I like to be by myself sometimes
26. I don't need a lot of friends to be happy
27. I will do anything for the people I love
28. I miss school
29. I'm afraid to go back
30. I don't like living with my parents
31. Sometimes I feel like I'm a drama queen and i hate it
32. Visiting Teaching is hard for me too but I don't necessarily hate it.
33. I want to move to California but I don't have the motivation
34. I can be pretty lazy
35. I'm pretty good at figuring people out
36. I've only been in love once
37. And he doesn't know
38. My bed makes me happy
39. I don't get to spend enough quality time with it
40. I love cheesy, horrible movies
41. I like a good scare sometimes
42. I like to flirt but sometimes i'm not sure how
43. I speak before i think
44. I think too much
45. I daydream more than I should
46. Warm socks on a cold day are great
47. It smells like spring outside
48. I still don't know what i'm going to do for the rest of my life
49. I'm excited to start researching my idea for a book
50. I'm scared to start researching my idea for a book
51. I can be pretty predictable
52. The most spontanious thing i've ever done is to go to Vegas for New Years
53. I miss London
54. I miss Paris
55. I want to live in London someday
56. I really want to go to Italy
57. I'm pretty good at procrastinating
58. It's one of my less admirable qualities
59. I like my hair-i think it's pretty
60. I'm pretty selfconscious about my thumbs...they're sort of odd shaped
61. I'm pretty insecure when it comes to relationships/friendships
62. I'm a good friend
63. I worry that my friends will get annoyed by me
64. I never tell anyone that I worry my friends will get annoyed with me
65. Growing up I wanted to be a child advocate lawyer
66. I'm a hopeless romantic - i want to be swept off my feet
67. I like interior design
68. I like country music
69. I like musicals
70. I like pretty much all music except most rap
71. The last DVD I bought was Finding Neverland
72. The last movie I watched was The Prestige
73. The last tv show I watched was Lost
74. I love pizza
75. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food
76. I wish I was
77. I think i'll be a pretty good mother
78. I like to talk
79. I like to be silly
80. My room is distracting
81. Green is my favorite color
82. I like fresh flowers
83. When i move out, I am always going to have fresh flowers in my apartment
84. I find that I actually like to cook
85. I know how to cook very few things but i'm learning
86. I tend to mother my friends
87. I actually like my calling as a Gospel Doctrine scares me but I like it
88. I know that I'm not doing everything I should
89. I want to be better
90. I was dillusional in thinking that I was happy during high school...coping mechanism?
91. I want to get married....sooner rather than later
92. I have strange dreams that i don't usually remember
93. I need to join a gym
94. I like to go to museums
95. I don't go very often
96. I should be working right now
97. I own 50 DVDs
98. I haven't attempted to count how many books I have
99. I want to have the library from Beauty and the Beast in my house
100. I love chinese food.


Annie said...

LOL- I was just going to ask you which cousin has a blog... preggo brain again.

Sue said...

I had to blog-surf over to read your list... (waves to long lost cousin)

Amen to 13 and 14 - I love hearing that from other mormon women... I have a t-shirt I love to wear to Enrichment - it says, "Well behaved women seldom make history."

Wendy said...

I like your list- so honest. It made me hungry, oddly enough. You said "pizza" and I got a picture in my haed of a big slice of gooey pepperoni pizza and suddenly wanted it. Your fault.

I LOVE YOU said...


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