Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bittersweet excitement

School ended on Friday - woot! I moved out of Mound Fort and at least got all my stuff over to Ogden High. I'm up on the third floor....I have a door (!), walls (!), windows (!) and it actually looks like it was intended to be used as a classroom! Imagine, that? Want a look see??

It's long and a little on the skinny side, but I have actual whiteboards (three, in fact!). I'm not too jazzed about having tables but I'll make do. 

It was definitely a bitter sweet goodbye to my Mound Fort family. It was only bearable because I know I'll be seeing them often. We had a "Woo-hoo! It's Summer" dinner on Friday night and yesterday I got a pedicure and saw Maleficent (really good, btw) with Sarah. I'm nervous about the department I'm entering - fitting in and, in a way, proving myself all over again. As my wonderful friends have been telling me - I'll just do my job and I'll do it well. It will all work out, I'm sure...I hope.

They demanded a group selfie. Student trip to USU.

Student trip to USU a couple of weeks ago

I've taught these boys for two years - lots of sweat, blood, tears, laughter and frustration....
The past two years have been a whirlwind and I'm not entirely sure how I ended up where I have. I love my job - even if it does kick my butt on occasion. If you had told me three years ago this is where I would end up - I'd probably laugh in your face and tell you you're nuts! However it is that I ended up here, I will be eternally grateful. I couldn't imagine my life now without my crazy, obnoxious, surprisingly sweet students. 

I'm also sort of obsessed with this song lately. Melody Gardot is currently on repeat at home. Thank you to Pandora for the amazing discovery. I also LOVE this song. She's singing in French, so I have absolutely no idea what she's saying but I think it's so pretty!

Upcoming events to look forward to...

  • Massage tomorrow morning
  • Lisa's getting married two weeks from yesterday. So excited for her and Nathan. They're such a great couple. And we all know how much I love Lisa, so that's really saying something for Nathan. 
  • PORTLAND!!!! I will finally get to visit Powell's Bookstore, explore the gorgeous Oregon coast, and all the other fun, quirky stuff there is to see in Portland.
  • Shakespeare Festival 
  • Jan, Lil and Sarah have convinced me to go hiking with them in the mornings. I'm not sure why I agreed but I did. So we'll just see how this adventure plays out...