Saturday, June 28, 2014

Packin' my bags...yet again...

I think the longest I have spent in my apartment this summer is one consecutive week...maybe 10 days. First was Lisa's wedding, then Portland and tomorrow I'm leaving to go see Vlad for a couple of weeks. Yes, you read that right. I said a couple of weeks. The original plan was to meet up in Portland again (his parent's are nearby) for the weekend of the 4th. It didn't take us long to realize that the 4th was too far away and not nearly enough time together. Yes, I realize the 4th of July is next weekend, making it a mere two weeks apart. What can I say? We're kind of nuts about each other. So I'm heading up there to just hang out with him and explore the area. And luckily, being a teacher, I have the flexibility to pack up and go. I'll take my computer and my books and hang out during the day while he's at work and then we'll get to spend our evenings together. Yay! No Skype! No phone calls! Face to face interaction!! Yay!! There are, apparently, some pretty water falls in the area, and I kind of have a thing for water in all its natural forms. We'll still head to the Portland/Vancouver area for the 4th and then back to his place for a week before he drives back to Utah with me to meet the fam. Supposedly, the largest fireworks show west of the Mississippi is in Vancouver. And hopefully we'll make it to Multnomah Falls. All the pictures I've seen of it are ridiculously gorgeous!

Now, I'm sure there are quite a few of you out there that are shaking your head at how fast this all seems to be developing. I, too, sometimes think about how crazy fast things have developed. Yet, we've known each other since January and have the most open and honest relationship I've ever had. Whenever I start to talk about him or our relationship I find it hard to find the words to describe him, how I feel about him and our relationship. Nothing has ever felt so right before. 

I'm excited to meet more of his family, his close friends and explore where he lives. Well....really I'm just excited to spend time with him. I don't really care where we are. 

When I get back I'll have a week before heading to Cedar City with Annie for the Shakespeare Festival! Then it'll be August and holy crap(!) the summer will be over! Best.summer.ever!! I'm trying not to fixate on what will happen when schools starts and sometimes I even succeed!