Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sappy Warning...

Since getting back from Portland I have had many conversations with good friends and family about Vlad...(I think I like that better than Bill Murphy...just go with it). In a relatively short period of time, my perspective, priorities and goals have done a complete shift. It's wonderful and does take a bit of processing, though. Luckily, Vlad is totally patient and listens to my angsty rants, compulsive need to know what's going to happen right.this.instant. He tells a silly joke, just listens, completely changes the subject or just lets me rant. 

There are some frightening realities I'm facing that are separate and independent of my relationship with Vlad...well, they started that way. I...we have no real answers just yet and the potential outcomes are on the painful and terrifying spectrum. But, somehow, I'm not quite as scared as I was. did I get this lucky???


Stephanie Christensen said...

Sometimes thing work in ways we never imagined! I love your courage to explore!