Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sweat it out...

I've never been one to actually like and/or enjoy working out. I still don't. Tonight I sat and watched a movie while I mentally debated with myself about whether or not I was going to let the devil woman (formally known as Jillian Micheals) torture me again. Jillian won this round. I will say this, each time I do it, the workout gets slightly (and I mean by a minuscule amount)  easier. I don't like sweating (yes, I'm that person) but I do like improving. Chatting with my mom about it she said maybe I should start with something that wasn't going to kill me. I may or may not have been whining at the time. While I don't necessarily enjoy every workout, I am happy that it has been noticeably easier each time...meaning my body is changing and getting stronger. Now THAT makes the sweat and sore muscles worth it.