Monday, January 13, 2014

A question to the universe..,

Why must Mondays be so difficult? There is a preponderance of evidence that supports this notion. Evidence gathered today included:

1. Oversleeping and have to rush through my morning routine
2. Three students commented on my appearance and asked if I had overslept and/or was I feeling ok because I didn't look it.
3. School wifi wouldn't let my students connect
4. Students can't seem to ever remember their email/password logins and then expect me to remember.
5. A gaggle of students came to my room after school to do make up work because it's all due tomorrow. They stayed until almost 5.
6. Same gaggle of students needed help with their math homework. The math teacher had left for the day. Slope is rise over run, yes...?

I knew I was saving that chocolate orange for a reason and boy am I glad I did!!