Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My downfall is not going to be caused by pride or anger or avarice or any other vice. No, my downfall will be caused by brownies. Wonderful, chocolaty, tasty, moist delicious brownies. I have no defense against them. I can't resist them. I don't make them very often for this very reason. Cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, fancy chocolates I can turn down but I just cannot control myself when I come into contact with a brownie. Sunday I was having a bad day...a very bad day. (sorry for the gratuitous use of italics I'm feeling very italicy) So Sunday, bad day - I decided that I would make a pan of brownies to ease my sorrows and help with the wallowing. It's Wednesday and the pan is pretty much gone. There is a small little corner still left but i doubt it will survive the day.

I'm sure you have all be anxiously awaiting further details about the teaser of provided a couple of days ago. I know you have all been perched on the edge of your chairs, anxiously biting your nails for the exciting news that I would share with you.

I went to Einstein's last Friday on my way to work to get breakfast, just a quick bagel and some juice. They were pretty busy but finally it is my turn to order. I ask for my bagel, nothing on it (exciting, i know) and I move on down the line but the manager person (he was probably around 20 or least he looked that young) keeps walking down his side of the counter with me making really awkward small talk. Where do you work? A pretty girl like you should smile more... The people around me sort of started snickering and giving me that, "sorry this guy is hitting on you". So I get up to the register and he is still talking to me as the girl is ringing me up. I'm about to walk away and he thrusts a bag with another bagel into my hand. He says, "here take one for the road". Yes, I was already taking one for the road but he was trying to me suave. I look at him and I say, that's ok. I already have what I want. He insists that I take this bagel. The girl at the register gave me this look that just said, "ignore him and take the bagel". There was a long line behind me so I took the bagel and left. I got a free bagel from the manager of Einstein's on the corner of South Temple and E Street. Sort of made my day on Friday. That kind of thing doesn't happen to me very often.

I don't really remember what else I was going to tell you all about but it doesn't really matter. I'm sure it was very important and exciting but I don't remember.

Last night Lisa and I were talking. I was trying to convince her to go salsa dancing with me on Friday. I was invited by a girl in our ward. She's very nice but I don't know her very well and Lisa was invited but she was resisting...especially when I told her we would be going in Provo. Yes, P-town. To convince her to come I told her that she may be missing out on meeting her husband and true love and her happily ever after. What started as a short little scenario to get her to come with me turned it to me making up this whole story of her relationship with this guy, Shnifflehopper Smith, we call him Hopper for short. His mother was so out of it when he was born because of the epidural that she wanted to name him Stephen but it came out Shnifflehopper and his father wasn't there (he was on his way back from a business trip in Shanghai) so he couldn't correct it on the birth certificate and when they went to bless him instead of Stephen, it came out Shnifflehopper. After that his parents decided that if the Lord wanted him to be named Shifflehopper, who were they to say otherwise. ANYWAY, several hours later the story ended. It started out fairly silly and ridiculous (i mean, hello....Shnifflehopper?? He had a cousin named Derek Bloomlinger or something like that) but it ended pretty well.

Overall it was a fairly silly story but it reminded me how much I love story telling. I used to write stories in high school. Granted, they were all very silly and pretty embarrassing but I enjoyed it. I think that's why I chose to be an English major in college. I loved the stories and getting to know the characters. It was stepping into a different world and time and experiencing something new and completely foreign to me. I never took writing very seriously. I wasn't the writer in the family. That was my sister. But I used to love to do it.


Motorcycle Grandma said...

The other topics were -

car parts
boots and paper clips.

I hope that Lisa decided to go dancing, even if it means she might meet Hopper.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did decide to go...mostly because only someone TRULY desperate could make up a 3 hour long story about a man named Snifflehopper who would sweep me off my feet. I must admit though, his marriage proposal was pretty perfect. :)

Kelly said...

Car Parts - Cory came over last night to take a look at my car in hopes of figuring out what wrong. Didn't pan out.

Lost- doesn't really matter

Boots - I broke the zipper on my tall boots, while i was wearing them and i had to use a paper clip to unzip them. It was pretty amazing.

Motorcycle Grandma said...

Kelly - take you car to the Sinclair guy on South Temple. He's very good and fair priced.

Anonymous said...