Friday, January 25, 2008

This is me

1. What is your occupation? Academic Services, Team Lead

2. What color are your socks right now? socks

3. What was the last thing that you ate? I'm currently sipping a Jamba Juice, Strawberry Surf Rider with a Calcium boost...the breakfast of champions!

4. Can you drive a stick shift? Pat has tried to teach me in the past but I'm not very good.

5. If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why? not, blue...light soothing tones.

6. The last person you spoke to on the phone? Allen Clarkson from West Virginia. He suggested that we put all the snow in Park City in Tankers that will then explode after all the melted snow then freezes again and expands...killing 3 teenagers in a tanker explosion. Doesn't make sense? don't worry, Allen is a little odd.

7. Who is the person who sent this to you? Kind of swiped it from my mom and Annie

8. Favorite drink? Depends...half Dr. Pepper/half Diet Coke is good (don't knock it, till you try it!)...OJ with Sprite or lemonade... water

9. What is your favorite sport to watch? I don't really watch sports unless you're actually there, then it's fun.

10. Have you ever dyed your hair? So much so, that I'm not entirely sure what my natural color is. I've been shades of blond, i dyed it shades of brown myself that somehow turned into black in college, then I went back to the blond and now i'm back to Brunette...Frank is the master.

11. Pets? No.

12. Favorite food? Again, depends. Love Chinese, pasta, PIZZA from the Pie...oh so good. OH! and their cheesy pull-a-part die for!

13. What was the last movie you watched? The Philadelphia Story with Sarah...Carey wonderful.

14. What do you do to vent anger? Friends, family....i don't really have a filter. I tend to say things that I don't really mean....I think out loud a lot.

15. What was your favorite toy as a child? Nothing really stands out in my memory. I played with dolls and legos and Linkin' Logs...those were pretty cool.

16. What is your favorite season fall or spring? Fall.

17. Cherries or blueberries? I don't like Blueberries...why would you? They dye everything blue. I like the flavor of cherries but not really the fruit itself.

18. When was the last time you cried? I've cried a lot in the months since my surgery...but i'm not sure that really counts because my hormones were out of whack and i had absolutely no control over it!

19. What did you do last night? I was trying to pay attention while the GMAT instructor talked about independent clauses and dependent clauses, phrases and modifiers, prepositional phrases and dangling participles. I was hit with a huge ADD fit and could not pay attention. I then went home and watched the last half of Pleasantville on TV while eating some ice cream. It was a long night.

20. Favorite smells? Baby, rain, ocean

21. What inspires you? My sister and her cute little family. They're wonderful.

22. What are you afraid of? SNAKES! They just creep me out. I watched Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel and it was about catching and studying water snakes....i had dreams about snakes - not good.

23. Favorite dog breed? I'm partial to the Siberian Husky. Misha was the perfect dog.

24. Number of keys on your key ring? One for my apartment, one for my car, one for the mailbox, one for my parent's house and one for the office but it doesn't actually work and i've never actually needed to use it. So, that's 5.

25. Favorite day of the week? Friday because it's the last day of the work week and I have the whole weekend to look forward to.

26. How many states have you lived in? 2: Utah and California.

27. Favorite holiday? Any holiday that I don't have to work and I get a paid day off, is a good holiday. I normally say Christmas/Thanksgiving but right now I am so done with the snow and cold that I don't even want to think about November/December.

28. Ever driven a motorcycle or heavy machinery? I've been on a motorcycle and driven wave runners and a motor boat...that's pretty heavy, right?

29. Ever left the country? Yes.

30. Favorite kind of music? Anything with a good beat, melody and/or harmony and anyone that has a good voice.

31. Last book you read? I have a pretty large stack on my night stand of all the books that I am currently reading: The Screwtape Letters, Elizabeth & Leicester, We Survived, The Odyssey, Zipporah, The World is Flat, The Historian, The just depends on my mood but I'm always reading something.


Annie said...

Gosh... Tear!

Wendy said...

How could you not like blueberries? They're delicious. Same with cherries. That's so weird.

I'm with you on the reading a bunch of books at once. I told someone recently I was in the middle of a three books, and she looked at me like I was an alien. Like it's abnormal to read more than one book at a time. Like I'd said I don't like blueberries or something.

Anonymous said...