Thursday, January 17, 2008

Salt Lake County Correctional Facility

11:14 pm - 801-261-9551
11:15 pm - 801-261-9560
11:16 pm - 801-261-9556
11:17 pm - 801-261-9561

That's how many phone calls I received from the Salt Lake County Correctional Facility last night. I answered the first one because I didn't recognize the number and someone calling that late (after I had been in bed for an hour) it must be an emergency.

I answered the second one because I hung up on the first one before I heard who was actually calling. I still couldn't understand who it was the second time and I just didn't answer the third and fourth time. SO if anyone tried to call me last night from the Salt Lake County Correctional Facility and I didn't answer, I'm sorry. Try speaking clearly next time!


Motorcycle Grandma said...

So who do you know that could possibly be incarcerated??!!?

Wendy said...

I had a friend who was getting creepy phone calls from a prisoner once. He called her by name then said, "I can see you and I'm pointing a gun at your head." She called the cops and they figured out it was some bored prisoner calling women in the phone book, so maybe it's best you couldn't understand them!

Anonymous said...