Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yays and Nays...

Today was not my finest teaching moment...yesh. So instead of rehashing it we're going with the good ol' Yays and nays list.

Inappropriate (beyond the usual) behavior from students today
No prep period today
Students trying to make 16 missing assignments on the last day of the term
Drama with car loans
New scale doesn't work - have to take it back
First bug bite of the season from twilight walk

Third quarter ended today
Early out tomorrow for grading
Went on a lovely walk this evening and want to get ankle weights to wear on future walks
Door of Integrity is up and looks awesome!!
Lots of extra time thanks to my 10 minute drive to work every day!!
My sister has something cooking for my birthday (it's a little over a month away but it's a big one this year. The big 3-0) but says I'm not privy to the details yet. I love and hate surprises...

Random side note...I'm tired of eating. Sounds weird, I know. The whole cooking and washing of dishes thing...such a hassle. Anyone else agree with me?


Annie Jarman said...

Hahahahahahahaha! It will be a surprise in stages, so hold onto your butt.