Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are we there yet?

I have been having some major anxiety of late. Most of which has no basis in reality. Current things causing me anxiety:

1. I bought a new scale this week since my old one broke in the move...ugh...that was a number I didn't expect to see. I've done my best, as an adult, to love myself and accept the body I have. But man, oh man, sometimes it's hard. And I feel like such a hypocrite because I try to be all "I like the way I look" and "I'm not going to force an unrealistic image of beauty onto myself" and yet, I've been facing a nasty case of "I hate my body" the past cour of weeks.

2. I had a crazy stress dream about next year's 9th graders (current 8th graders). I constantly hear horror stories from the 8th grade ELA teachers. Yikes!! I'm nervous for next year because I will have never taught these kids before. I've had many of my current students for two years. Le's too soon for this.

3. For a while the mailbox was a daily anxiety attack as all the medical bills came rolling in. I think there's a good plan in place but until they're all payed off I will still feel some trepidation.

4. The lease was up on my car this month and I put off getting it refinanced until the last possible moment because I was anxious something would go wrong and I wouldn't be able to get a car loan. I had no basis for this one but that's how it goes.

There are a few other things but I think we'll just leave it there for now...

In other completely unrelated, random news... When mentioning Lisa in conversation I still say "my roommate, Lisa" EVENTHOUGH we haven't been roommates in almost a year AND she's engaged to be married...


Annie Jarman said...

Throw. Away. Your. Scale.