Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sinuses & Ants

Since the weather has gotten warmer the past several weeks (mid 40s, low 50s), I have seen an appearance of one off ants wandering the walls of my apartment. Usually with ants there's an ant trail that shows you were they're coming from. Not this time! I have random ants just wandering around the walls and ceiling of my apartment. I've lost count of the number of ants I've smooshed in the last two days. This morning I think I may have found their point of entry- the windows in my bedroom. The windows that are directly above my bed. Think about that for moment...grody. Now that I've found their entrance, hopefully, I'll be able to stop them from taking field trips through my bedroom!

I've been having sinus pain for the past couple of days. Have you ever noticed how messing with your sinuses messes with your sense of taste? Everything tastes funky. It also makes it painful to bend over to tie your shoes, pick something up off the floor, sneeze, breathe... I don't think I've been 100% healthy since December...or November, really if you take my gall bladder surgery into account. It's not enough to keep me home. It's just enough to slow me down.