Saturday, February 15, 2014

More bang for your buck...

1. One of the theaters in my area has replaced their regular theater seats with leather recliners. Yes, you read that right...leather recliners. I saw Monuments Men last night with a friend from work. The movie was good and I have never been quite so comfortable in a theater before. It was like watching a movie at home. I decided that I will only go to that theater...when possible.

2. I have discovered a new place to hang out, lesson plan, read, dink around on the local-ish library. It's not the library closest to my house but it's just an extra 15 minutes away and totally worth it. It's newer and reminds me of the downtown SLC library but on a much smaller scale. As I walked in tonight they were changing the gallery wall to some really great photographs done by local photographers. I've come three nights this week and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite places. I don't tend to get too much work done at home and I can only stay at school for so long before going a little nuts. The library is a nice solution!

3. I have no idea where this academic year has gone. We are halfway through the 3rd quarter as of next week. The End of Level testing schedule starts up at the end of in 6 weeks from now. That seems like plenty of time but let me tell you, IT'S NOT! I'm starting to panic a little. Not only is there End of Level testing, we still have to do district interim tests, reading level tests, there's a field trip a "special day", various early outs...when am I supposed to teach?! I can feel the panic start to settle in my chest whenever I look at my plan book and I see how much I have to cram in in the next 6ish weeks. I still feel like I'm playing catch up from when I was out in November having my gall bladder removed.

4. One of my boys passed all his classes last quarter so the Assistant Principle bought him and some of his friends lunch and they ate in my classroom yesterday. These are the boys I've taught for two years now and they're a tough group. They've push me beyond the edge so many times but I can't help but love them. One of them turns to me and says, "Ms. B, I think I'm going to cry on the last day of school." The other boys chime in saying they will probably cry too. I agree and tell them I'll miss them next year. One says, "Don't worry, we'll come visit and bring you Carne Assada Fries from Betos." The other agreed saying they'd miss me too. I'm going to be a mess that last day. They've come so far since I've met them. I'm so proud of them...when they're not ruining my day by being total jerks, that is.