Thursday, October 3, 2013

Are we there yet...?


I love my job, really I do. It has simply been a very long, very stressful, very emotional week for me. Most of the time, the good stuff far out weighs the bad stuff. The two lists may look disproportionate, but the value on the good will always outstrip whatever difficulties I may have faced.

Reasons this week needs to be over...

  1. Parent Teacher Conferences - two 13 hour days back to back, need I say more?
  2. Unexpected Admin observation
  3. One student flipped out at me in class. He later apologized and told me a close family friend had been involved in a gang shooting the previous night. The family friend was in critical condition at the hospital and not expected to make it.
  4. Another student refused to work and was really upset. Turns out his mother may have cancer, he had heart surgery in the last six months and lost his father when he was 6. 
  5. Bus duty...worst after school job ever...
  6. Grading essays for 6 classes
  7. Grading short stories for 37 students
  8. Trying to get time in the computer lab and failing miserably
  9. Having a minor meltdown in front of a co-worker
  10. It's supposed to snow during the morning commute tomorrow
  11. Tension headache won't go away
  12. Students could not/would not listen and follow directions all week
This week wasn't all horrible...
  1. During bus duty students all laugh, joke around with me and say goodbye. An admin commented on how much the students seem to like me
  2. Struggling students (two mentioned before) were able to discuss issues with me - this wouldn't have happened with them last year
  3. Ending each day with a happy, fun class
  4. Two self-proclaimed anti-readers, wanting to take home Night to read it over the weekend
  5. I work with awesome teachers and we watch out for each other
  6. Monitoring the hall during passing periods and getting compliments on my dress