Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Day!

Winter Storm Gandolf. Can we all just take a minute and talk about that ridiculous name? There were all kinds of Lord of the Rings geeky (and somewhat witty) comments there were all over Facebook about it last night? "It must be Gandolf the White" or "YOU SHALL NOT PASS"...were just a few gems.

Anyhoo...I woke up this morning hoping for a snow day but prepared to make the trek into work. I dutifully checked and sad snow day for my school district. Now, the school district in which I live (which is not the district in which I teach), the charter schools, university and other government agencies in the city in which I teach called for snow days. But my district, no such luck.

So, I hurried through my morning routine to make sure I had plenty of time and bundled up. I made the trek through a foot of snow to my car and scraped the ice and snow off my car. I slid around a bit on the surface street in an attempt to get to the freeway. I thought the freeway would probably be more clear...uh not so much. I was on the freeway long enough to get off at the next exit. It took me about 20 minutes to make a 5 minute loop in my neighborhood to get back home.

So, I called in. I am now comfortably bundled up in a blanket, with a book and some hot chocolate. I've got a stack of grading that I'll work on. And just maybe, I'll take a nap later this afternoon.