Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Down for the count...

Life is hard...really hard sometimes. I had an incredibly difficult day at work today. Somehow when I was in my program and listening to my professors describe all their crazy stories, I didn't ever think that my crazy stories would be quite that crazy. As it is, I have already started a collection (granted, it is a mental collection) of some pretty humorous stories. Yet, today crossed the line from humorous into straight...seriously??? territory.

I love the teachers and staff I work with. I love the fact that our administration is pushing us to be better. I love being a part of something exciting and important, because what we do every day is important.

And yet. . .

And I'm not leaving that thought unfinished to be intentionally vague, ambiguous and irritating. I honestly don't know what comes after the "and yet..."

And yet. . . there it is.


mom2nine said...

The "and yet..." is why so many teachers leave the profession within five years. Nothing you hear in college prepares you for the reality of what goes on "out there". I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.