Friday, July 29, 2011


2011 is the year of the Classy Broad. We do classy things. We get dressed up to go out with the girls, we drink out of classy glasses, we take compliments guessed it, class.

Classy Broads also travel. I am ridiculously excited about this part of being a classy broad. Last weekend when everyone else had Monday off and I had to work, I really really really wanted to get out of dodge. Lisa, being the classy broad, fantastic roommate that she is, started looking up various vacation options and she stumbled across some ridiculously cheap vacation packages for Paris, London, get the idea. When I say ridiculously cheap, I mean for a 6 night stay in Paris with round trip airfare on Virgin Airlines and hotel (with breakfast every morning) it came to be around $1000 per person. Yes, I know $1000 is a lot of money but we're talking 6 nights in a decent hotel PLUS round trip airfare!!! Getting over there usually costs that much, if not more!

We plan to go this winter on my semester break. So we started the CBA Fund - Classy Broads go Abroad Fund...currently taking donations...just kidding, well kinda...yes...yes, just kidding. Last night I saw that there were still tickets available for the Idina Menzel concert at Deer student tickets. BUT I decided instead to put what I would have spent on those two tickets into the CBA fund. Classy Broads think long term.

Have I mentioned I am ridiculously excited about this?! I'm pretty sure if Lisa were less classy than she is, she'd probably be ready to slap me by the time the trip actually happens...good thing she's a Classy Broad, right?


Jobul Tau Profitabil said...

This is great!

Wendy said...

awesome. Where did she find those deals?