Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I love..

I love.....

1- my family
2- gooey brownies that stay soft after being left uncovered for a day or more
3- being taught the gospel by enthusiastic teachers
4- playing the piano on those rare moments I can feel it in my heart and soul
5- finishing a good book and knowing that I have learned something
6- the soft breeze on a cool summer night
7- a wonderful roommate that laughs at my sometimes bizarre behavior
8- being surrounded by my family dressed in white
9- meeting knew and interesting people
10- karaoke - the cheesier the better
11- falling into bed after an emotional and wonderful weekend
12- making a new connection with a new friend
13- singing harmony
14- a smiling face
15- the trace scent of men's cologne after they get out of my car
16- wearing a new dress and heels and feeling beautiful
17- taking off said new dress and heels and putting on the pj's
18- waking up after a restful night's sleep
19- dinner with friends
20- watching my young nephews play and laugh
21- inside jokes
22- new jokes with new friends
23- late night trips to village inn
24- turning in an assignment
25- writing in my journal
26- the slanting rays of sunlight shining through the clouds
27- cooking for friends and family
28- girl talk
29- getting "that feeling"
30- girl's night out
31- girl's night in
32- getting lost with a friend
33- rediscovering old interests
34- discovering new interests
35- knowing that I am a valued member of my family
36- knowing that I am a valued daughter of God
37- watching silly movies at the Dollar Theater (which is technically not a dollar anymore!)
38- getting "the look"
39- giving "the look"
40- perfect hair days...they don't come often but when they do, you can't help but be happy
41- buying new scriptures. They're unmarked and fresh and just waiting to be opened.
42- little hands reaching for mine
43- baggy sweaters
44- lying in bed on a rainy morning
45- thunder storms
46- snowy evenings spent in front of a fire
47- the smell of fresh bread
48- home made chicken noodle soup on a cold fall evening
49- driving with the windows down and the radio up
50- knowing the Lord has truly blessed me in my life and looking forward to the blessing yet to come
51- goldfish crackers
52- comically awkward evenings spent with friends
53- good men that know how to treat women
54- new furniture
55- classic movies
56- meaningful conversation
57- vacation/traveling
58- museums
59- roller coasters
60- seeing and placing myself in an eternal perspective.

It was a really great weekend with the family and some dear friends. I am tremendously blessed and fortunate.