Friday, February 20, 2009

Odd things I've seen lately

Oddity #1

On 7th East between 2nd and 3rd South there is a McDonald's. Just to the south of said McDonald's is an empty lot. I'm almost positive there used to be a dilapidated house there but now it's just an empty lot. I was out running errands with my roommate on Monday, it was a semi wet day, and we were driving past this once dilapidated house, now empty lot, and there is an older, heavier man with a large red and white stripped pick-up truck in the lot. Next to the truck there is a camping chair and the man was looking at the ground very intently poking around with what looked like a dark metal pole in a hole. We get closer and he sits down in the camping chair, pulling the pole out of the hole in the ground and we see that it's not a pole. No, it's a metal detector. I'm sure there is a proper term for it but we're going to call it a metal detector. Yes, the man was looking for buried treasure in the empty lot next to the McDonald's on 7th East. When we passed him on our way back home, there was another man there helping him look. I wonder if they know something I don't.

Oddity #2

I was driving to get some lunch yesterday. I went to Harmon's in Brickyard to get a salad from their oh, so delicious and fresh salad bar...really, it's amazing. I'm beyond excited that they're building a Harmon's Downtown...but I digress... My office is on 7th East and about 40th South. So I'm turning north on 13th East and 39th South, just across the street from Saint Mark's Hospital. On the north west corner there is a rather large office building and bank with a joint parking lot. The parking lot is pretty big and is usually fairly empty. As I was driving by I notice a car parked haphazardly with the front driver and back passenger door open and a woman in her mid to late twenties leaning against the hood of the car talking on her cell phone. That's not the strange part, the strange part is the two young children running wild around her. One, probably around 4 or 5 years old, has climbed up on the car and was standing on the roof of the car and was jumping. The second child, around the same age, was running in circles around the car and the woman is completely ignoring the two children.

And this isn't odd, but exciting. Today I booked my first ever cruise! I've been wanting to do something fun and exciting for my upcoming 25th birthday to celebrate a quarter of a century of me! (i'm not narcissistic, i promise!) so I thought a cruise would be a brilliant idea! I'm going with a friend from work. Her birthday is coming up soon after mine so we're doing a joint birthday adventure. It's four days with two ports. We stop in Cozumel and Yucatan. I've always wanted to go on a cruise but it's never seemed like a good time or a good idea but i just decided to do it. So we booked it today and we're going to book our day trips in the next couple of months (spread out the money so i don't go into sticker shock). We actually got a pretty good deal. I'm beyond excited! We've both been chatting over IM at work and looking at all the different things we could do.

I had a minor heart attack last Friday. I went to a movie with aforementioned coworker after work. Before the movie started I got a text message from my roommate telling me that I got an envelope from Sarah Lawrence....a small envelope. So i'm totally bummed and thinking that i didn't get in. I didn't really see much of the movie (it's okay, i had seen it before and it was a the dollar) because i was constantly thinking about the ominous letter at home. After the movie, i'm driving home and I call my sister and i'm freaking out over the phone to her. What if i don't get in? What am i going to do with my life?? Doesn't anybody want me?!?!?!?! You get the picture. I get home and after starting at the small, business sized envelope and taking several deep breaths, I open the letter with trembling hands. Take another deep breath as I unfold it. I try to skim it without actually reading it, ready to cry or jump with excitement as called for. Imagine my astonishment when I finally read the whole to realize that it is neither a rejection or an acceptance. It's just telling me that my application isn't complete because one of my letters of recommendation hasn't arrived yet. what?! I have a near heart attack/panic attack for that?! The letter of recommendation is now on it's way to New York. But dude...seriously. I may not be able to open the envelope when the real thing comes.


Annie Get Your Camera said...

I saw that guy in the empty lot on Monday when we were going downtown. The houses that used to be on those lots were old historical houses from the pioneer days or something like that. Maybe there is something buried under there?

Kelly said...

we thought there was magical mcdonald's money or something...but it could be pioneer treasure.

Motorcycle Grandma said...

Last Thursday, your dad and I saw two guys with metal detectors on that lot.

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