Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ABC's of Life

- Age: 24
- Annoyance: people that eat with their mouth open
- Animal: monkeys...I have a strange affinity for monkeys

- Beer: i'll pass
- Birthday: May 7, 1984
- Best Friends: it seems I have one for each stage of my life
- Body Part on opposite sex: Love the eyes and hands. I'm a sucker for strong hands
- Best feeling in the world: waking up and knowing that I can stay in bed for as long as i want
- Best weather: late spring or early fall
- Been on stage: yup, dancing, singing, acting, playing the piano
- Believe in Magic: yes I do and Harry Potter is a real person

- Candy: Kit Kat or Nestle Crunch
- Color combination: blue/green
- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican: chinese food is my favorite
- Cake or pie: what about brownies?
- Continent/Country to visit: Europe
- Cheese: Brie

- Day or Night: night
- Dance in the rain?: always

- Eggs: occasionally
- Eyes: green
- Everyone needs a(n): a little lovin

- Full name: Kelly Casey Buie
- First thought waking up: Is that clock right?
- Food: yummy chinese

- Greatest Fear: emotional trauma
- Goals: grad school
- Gum: Trident
- Get along with your parents: usually

- Hair Color: brown/blond
- Height: 5' 3"ish?
- Happy: most of the time
- Holiday: Thanksgiving - Christmas
- How do you want to die: surrounded by family

- Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip or sorbet
- Instrument: piano
- Jewelry: i've been known to wear it
-Job?: I'm a liaison for students at Western Governors Universities

- Kids: yes
- Kickboxing or karate: i did kickboxing in college didn't really care for it
- Keep a journal?: yes

- Longest Car Ride: Salt Lake to LA, let me tell you, Nevada and California are ugly states
- Love: yes please
- Letter: i love getting letters
- Laughed so hard you cried: yes

- Milk flavor: i don't like milk, gasp, i know...get over it
- Movies: love them, i have quite a collection
- Motion sickness: not usually but it has happened once or twice
- McD’s or BK: i'll pass

- Number of Siblings: 3 brothers 1 sister
- Number of Piercings: ears
- Number: ??

- One wish: only one

- Perfect Pizza: deep dish with bacon, chicken and onion with garlic ranch sauce
- Pepsi/Coke: diet coke

- Quail: we used to have quail in our backyard. I used to love to watch the little babies run around after their mother.

- Reason to cry: any reason that makes me want to cry
- Reality T.V: Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor, not usually but I'm hooked this season
- Radio Station: i change it a lot
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Yes
- Ring size: 8 1/2 - 9

- Song: I currently have a Sally DeFord song stuck in my's my own fault but I would like it out.
- Shoe size: 8
- Salad Dressing: ranch
- Singer/Group: right now, Michael Buble
- Sushi: bleh, between the idea of eating raw fish and the texture...not going to happen
- Slept outside: quite frequently. In fact when I was younger, my brother and i set up a tent on our balcony and would sleep out there
- Skinny dipped: once
- Sing well: i'm not a soloist but i do love to sing
- Swearing: no
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

- Time for bed: around 10 or 11
- Thunderstorms: love them

- Unpredictable: life

- Vacation spot: anywhere i haven't been before

- Weakness: men that can sing
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: that's easy - Lisa
- Who makes you laugh the most: Lisa
- Worst feeling: second guessing myself
- Want to be a model?: not really, although, i'm sure the perks would be pretty great
- Worst Weather?: blizzard, i hate snow. hate it

- X-Rays: i've had a few
- Exs: yes but i don't really talk to them and i'm pretty sure one is currently engaged

- Year it is now: 2009
- Yellow: Mellow

- Zoo animal: monkeys. I thought we covered this already

1.Slept in a bed beside you: absolutely no idea
2.You went to the mall with: Lisa
3.You went to dinner with: i did lunch with Ashley today
4.You talked to on the phone: Ashley
5.Made you laugh: Lisa
6.Hugged you: Ashley
7.Said they loved you?:I don't remember...sad!
8.Held your hand: romantically? I don't remember...this makes me sound very sad and depressing
9.Spoke with?: Lisa
10.You cried over: again...don't remember