Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Happy Place....

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends! Last night I got to talk on the phone with Nicki for an hour and a half. She is off in Iowa pursuing what she calls, "Professional Training". Really she's starting her MLS (Master of Library Science). I don't get to talk to her nearly as often as I would like but that just makes it so much better when I do get to talk to her. Last night was one of those conversations that is long overdue and we just spill out everything that has been building up for past several weeks. It was so great to talk to someone that is so solidly in "my corner" and yet will call me on my crap as needed. She is such a wonderful friend and example for me. I LOVE YOU NICKI!!!

I also have been very blessed to meet several new friends and kindred spirits. Lisa and Christine are so much fun and are quickly becoming my favorite people. They get my sense of humor and allow me to be silly and goofy. I hung out with Lisa this weekend (Christine was in Logan doing wedding stuff). We went to antique stores on Saturday, random - I know. We walked all over downtown and went into all those shops that you drive by a million times and say you want to go in but never do. We went to the Rare Book Store on 200 East and 300 South. You could smell the books before you even walked in the door. I found a 5 volume set of Louisa May Alcott books printed in 1911 for $30! $30!!!! And she let me wander around the store and didn't laugh at me when I got giddy about the books.

We joke sometimes about finding your happy place when something has gone wrong or you have to do something unpleasant. I joked that these books were my happy place...and they are. But really, my friends are my happy place. They are truly wonderful, beautiful, amazing people and I am truly blessed to have them in my life. My Patriarchal blessing says something about how I will be able to make and maintain meaningful friendships and relationships throughout my life that will uplift and support me in times of trouble. I have been blessed.