Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Becuase I'm me and my body hates me

After the trauma of thursday, my body has still been trying to recover and just heal. Should be a fairly simply process, yes? We must remember who we are dealing with here. Normal people, yes. Healing from such a "simple" procedure should have been a fairly simply process. I was feeling pretty good and i went about my business saturday sunday. Went to work on Monday and I started to feel crappy and sort of feverish. As the day went on my right side started to hurt more and more. Every time i got up from my desk it felt like my insides were being ripped apart. I ended up going home a little early. As the night went on the pain just got worse and worse. I had been taking advil all day and my mom gave me half a lortab around 9:00 and i went to bed. I didn't sleep the entire night...well that's not entirely true. I think I sort of dozed off for about an hour around 3am. I got up the next morning and the pain just continued to get worse. Since it was on the right side and it was in the same general area of where the doctor had been digging around we're thinking something is just bruised or he may have nicked something, so we call the doctor and he says to come in and he'll take a look. We get there and they wheel me in in a wheel chair. We sit in the depressingly small radiology waiting room for the doctor to come and talk to us. He takes me back to an examination room and does his poking and pushing, causing much pain, and decides that it doesn't have anything to do with the procedure he had done and that i should go to the ER-he's thinking appendicitis. We get over there and they start an IV and give me some morphine...such a wonderful drug. They draw some blood and the do a CT scan to take a look at my appendix. The CT scan comes back and wouldn't you know it...? it's NOT appendicitis. Even though it looks like appendicitis, feels like appendicitis and sounds like appendicitis,'s not appendicitis. Apparently if it looks like a duck, walks and like duck and quacks like a duck...sometimes in my reality, it's a hyena. The doctors are, of course, baffled, and have no idea what's wrong. They decide it's an OBGYN problem. So they do a pelvic exam. unpleasant on a good day- now add in the fact that you're in extreme pain in the pelvic area, you're tired because you haven't slept in about 4 days, you're hungry because you haven't eaten since about 5pm the previous day and it is now almost 6pm AND the fact that your doctor is a scrawny balding guy that gives you the slight ebe-jee-bees. So they do the pelvic exam, causing excruciating pain and embarrassment. They decide to call in the OBGYN oncall in the ER to take a look at my CT scan because something was "amiss". So we wait about an hour for the doctor show up. She does, yet another, excruciatingly painful pelvic exam and then before she can tell us anything really she was to wait for the lab results to come back and she gets called away to deliver several babies. So it's about 10:00 and we still haven't seen the doctor again, i've had to hobble back and forth to the bathroom, climbing in and out of bed, again causing excruciating pain every time i move. She finally comes back and they have decided that it's some sort of infection and they're going to admit me to the hospital for the night to give me antibiotics through an IV and keep me for observation. So my parents go home and i get put into a bed upstairs sharing a room with a woman that had been in an accident on her moped. No, i am not making this up. It was actually pretty serious and doctors kept coming in all night, turning lights on and rolling her out on her bed several times to get xrays done, ct scans done what have you. When she wasn't being scanned or tested for something she's either hacking and coughing or on her cell phone with someone from her family. She's from Pocatello, Idaho and was driven to the U of U hospital in an ambulance because they would be able to do her surgery. That combined with the fact that every two hours someone would come in and wake me up to take my vital signs, it was a miracle that i was able to sleep at all. Several doctors come in through out the night to introduce themselves and get the "story" from me. By the time i leave the hospital i have answered the same questions and told the same story at least 10 times. I wake up this morning after having a temp of about 102 most of the night in gross sweaty sheets and the same hospital gown and feeling rather disgusting because i haven't showered since monday (it is now wednesday parade of doctors starts early. The entire OBGYN "team" has been assigned to my case and all put one of them are young, attractive guys. Because obviously with my luck, nothing else would have been acceptable. They still don't know much else besides the fact that I have some sort of infection in the general area of my lower right abdomen/pelvic area. So they keep me for the day and do an ultrasound and keep me on antibiotics. I'm feeling so much better and i can actually walk around with wanting to die. But because it's a hospital and it's me that is problem.

i'm stuck sitting in a hospital bed with the hacking roommate that is on the phone all day with her family. The doctors finally come in around 6:00, they still don't know what exactly happened other than I had/have an infection of some sort and they still don't know why exactly. So I go home and i have my own little pharmacy of antibiotics and painkillers.

So let's the past week i have spent three days in the hospital. I've missed 4 days of work. and i have yet another hospital stay to look forward to in the coming months. I could react to this in one of two ways...i could lose it and have a melt down or i can laugh. i choose to laugh. laughing is far more pleasant than crying, although i probably will cry at least once at some point before this whole ordeal is over, and that doesn't count the times i've already cried.