Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bestest of Best...

I'm a pretty lucky girl. It's been a madhouse in the Boren Household for the past several weeks. We've both been working full time, Scott has an almost 2 hour commute every day, I'm "working" on my ESL endorsement and we're trying to rearrange our itty-bitty tiny apartment to fix two people. It's been go, go, go since Scott showed up in Utah a little over a month ago.

Amid all the chaos there is this goofy, sweet man that I have married. This morning I woke up feeling a more than little under the weather. He made me Belgian Waffles (Lisa's super yummy recipe, found here) with fresh whipped cream and strawberries and has just been generally sweet. It's sort of crazy to think we've only been married for three weeks and change. He really is the bestest of best husbands.

Photo Credit: Annie Jarman Photography