Saturday, February 9, 2013

All I ever talk about now...

It seems all I ever talk about now is my job. Yes, I have become that person. I don't really socialize much these days, so I don't have friend drama to discuss (thank heavens!), my family is my family... I guess if you don't want to hear about the crazy things my students do, stop reading now.

January was a difficult month and I was not sorry to see it go. I was sick for about a week, we had several really nasty snow storms, and my students simply did not want to work. Somehow, we all made it through the month. Not only have we managed to make it through the month, we have reached and passed the halfway point of the year. It's kind of crazy! With the semester change, student schedules changed a bit. The majority of my classes are the same, but there was a little bit of shuffling. 

I got a student from honors...we'll call him Sammy. Sammy is very smart but has a horrible attitude. He talks back, distracts his peers, frequently swears, complains, whines, and is just generally obnoxious. I have another student we'll call Steven. I've had Steven all year. At the beginning of the year he had major behavior problems. He still does. He gets suspended for fighting frequently and has gang ties. Yet, where at the start of the year he was initiating it all, now he is defending his friends and people he cares for. I'm not saying his behavior is appropriate, but I think he's definitely improving. In the past month or so, Steven has made huge improvements. He's passing all his classes for the first time this year. I've been working really closely with him and the 8th grade counselor to work on his behavior. I have so proud of all the work Steven has done, especially considering where he was at the beginning of the year and how difficult it was to work with him.

Anyway, the reason I'm giving all this history is because these two had a little run-in on Friday afternoon. There was an assembly and any students with tardies that week couldn't go to the assembly. Included in this group was Sammy. He wasn't happy and started swearing at me and being a general delight. As Sammy was being escorted out of the room, Steven got up out of his chair and started walking towards Sammy. He said "You don't talk to my teacher that way!" and "Don't you talk to her like that!" 

I talked to Steven after the assembly to let him know he couldn't threaten students. His response was, "I'm not going to just sit there and let him talk to you like that. He needs to show you respect." I swear, that boy almost brought tears to my eyes. I was surprised that he felt that way. I told the 8th grade counselor and she told me that Steven now includes me in his circle of protection. Honestly, I'm not sure how to feel about this. He has been working so hard and has come so far. He's still got quite the road ahead of him, but if he keeps on in the direction he is, I think he'll make it. 


Lauren Donna said...

I'm sorry you were sworn at, but I love that your other student stood up for you! I bet it felt pretty good. You must be doing something right in that classroom!

Annie Jarman said...

Gold star for him!