Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Memories

         This is a picture of my grandpa, Robert Earl Buie. I know many of you think your grandpa(s) are the best, and I am sure they are wonderful men. However, my Grandpa Buie was the best grandpa a girl could ask for. He always had a smile and a hug for me. He loved to listen to my play the piano, talk to me about my life and encouraged me to work hard for what I wanted. Some of my best memories are of summers spent down at Lake Powell with him on his boat.
         He died New Years Eve 2001. That last Christmas we had with him is something I'll never forget. I remember his laughter and his joy in being with his family. Every year at Christmas time I think about him and how loved each of his grandchildren felt.

        This is my father, Robert Kent Buie. Now, he and I haven't always had the easiest relationship. We both have very strong personalities and usually aren't afraid to say what we think. However, I am happy and blessed that our relationship is better than ever. As I was thinking of my grandpa this past Christmas season, I was particularly struck with the similarities these two men share.
       It was Christmas Eve and my dad had the two local grandkids on his lap. He was talking to them about Christmas and reading to them from our Family Bible. It was a little bit of deja-vu for me. I remembered sitting on my grandpa Buie's lap at Christmas as he talked to us of our Savior and the reason for the season. It made me very happy to know that the next generation (and someday my children) will have the same wonderful grandpa Buie.