Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The little darlings...

In the past three days...

  1. have been told by my students I "wasn't getting any younger and you need to hurry and get married."
  2. have been told by my students that I "have an old face"
  3. one student offered to set me up with his 19 year old brother because "it would be legal" (meaning his brother wasn't underage)
  4. had car trouble
  5. physically broke up a fight between two male students
  6. worked with the counselors to stop a fight from happening between three male students
  7. tried to figure out why three of my female students are suddenly shooting daggers at each other and muttering under their breath
  8. reported two students for flashing gang class...right in front of they think that I just don't exist?
  9. had to stop three football players from chasing another football player because he had to find a doorknob to touch due to some flatulence on his part.
  10. had two peer evaluations in two days
  11. was "good-naturedly" teased in the faculty room because I went to a private school. The question "what are you doing here?" was asked in a somewhat joking manner
It's been a long three days and there are still two more to go... I think I'm going to drug myself and go to bed because I haven't been sleeping well either.