Saturday, August 11, 2012


I was driving through my apartment complex parking lot and I noticed an abundance of yellow, crunchy-looking leaves scattered on the lawn. When did the leaves start turning? I look around me and I can see hints of autumn on the mountains. I start school in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! I'm not sure I'm ready to be back in the classroom. I've grown very fond of my lazy days...well, that's not entirely true. I enjoy the sleeping in but the aimless shuffling from room to room isn't as exciting as it sounds. 

Last week I finished up teaching a session of summer school. I taught three 70 minute class periods a day. My first period was brutal. There was a group of girls that seemed quite friendly and kind, at first. By the last day they were making comments about how many cats I owned. It was everything I don't like about teaching and nothing I love about it. My second period was better. We got through everything and had some fun in the process. Well, at least as much fun as one can have during summer school. But, like it or not, the summer is coming to a close. Fortunately, I do have some fun stuff planned.

Speaking of fun stuff...last night, Lisa and a friend went to see Aida at the Sandy Amphitheater. It was quite the production. It was entertaining but not in the way they probably hoped it would be. The woman playing Aida had a great voice but other than that... yay for community theater! 

Coming attractions: Les Miserables (YAY!) and Wicked (double YAY!)