Friday, July 13, 2012

Adventures in dating...

A big part of being a single twenty-something is dating...more so for others than for me. However, I have dated a variety of "gentlemen" (we're using that term quite loosely, here). I've had some really great experiences, some horribly awkward and uncomfortable experiences and some downright horrible experiences. Last weekend I went on a date that fully justified and supported every judgmental thought people have about online dating. Yes, I'm doing the online dating thing. I do not defend or explain it. It just is. (I should probably insert a little disclaimer here. I'm feeling a bit prickly today. Which, I realize is not the best time to be blogging but here we are.) 

Anyway, back to my date. We'll call him Jack. Jack and I had been emailing for a while, texting and talking on the phone. He is from Texas, has a delightful southern drawl and made me laugh more than any other guy in the past. We had great chemistry and I was pretty excited when he asked me out on a date. Turns out that this charming southern gentleman is actually a self-proclaimed homophobe, an advocate of corporal punishment in schools and saw no problem, whatsoever, with the use of the "n" word. Needless to say, it wasn't going to happen between us. The quirky, appropriate jokes of our previous conversations had been traded in for crude bathroom humor and inappropriate stories. I just kept asking myself...who is this guy???  He also lived at home with his parents, did not have a college degree and didn't want to put forth the effort to get into shape after being warned by his doctor he needed to. 

This takes us to today. The last two guys I have gone out with fit the same description. I will tell you, Jack definitely took home the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Award, that's for dang sure. However, both men were 34, living at home with the parents, no college education, talked about dreams of a real career but had taken no steps to actually achieve it and had no drive beyond the next day. Now, I'm not saying that I am the best thing to happen since sliced bread but really...? I mean, seriously?!


Grandma Cebe said...

Like I told you yesterday, Mr. K. M. might be looking pretty good to you. Email, text or call him before some other gal takes him off the market. He has a college degree, lives in his own home and is gainfully employed. He may even be an Eagle Scout. As awkward as it maybe, what do you have to lose?