Thursday, January 6, 2011

Does this make me a snob?

I went to my Special Ed K-6 Methods class this afternoon/evening. The professor is a visiting professor that currently teaches at Murray High School and has done some semesters at SLCC. We spent almost an hour going over (word for word) the syllabus because she didn't write it and didn't know what it said. I'm sorry...even if you didn't write the syllabus, shouldn't you at least be clear on what is in said syllabus. If you're unclear about the objectives and/or the assignments of the class then you really should check with whoever it is you need to check with to get clarification...preferably BEFORE the first class...just sayin.

The class is about half graduate/half undergraduate students. The undergrads routinely got up and left the class or spent it chatting amongst each other. Then they had somewhat silly questions about the syllabus and needed her to tell them what the homework was for next week. Just look at the syllabus! I don't have a problem with them as people but I guess I'm just used to a certain amount of...professionalism? Educational experience/expectations...? I'm not sure but when they heard that the grad students taking GenEd Methods had to do 60 total hours of observations in addition to the 15 for this class they nearly had a conniption fit and they don't even have to do them!

The class is only three hours but it felt so much longer than my four hour class I had on Tuesday.

So here's the question: Does requiring my professor to be prepared for class and not wanting to have undergrads in my graduate class make me an educational snob?


heidikins said...

No, not a snob, not at all. I would be really bugged by a first class like that.


Grandma Cebe said...

I guess I'm a snob too. Because I would also expect a professor to be prepared and bugged by the undergrads behavior.

jm said...

I don't know about the undergrads but I absolutely think that professors should be prepared, it made me furious when I was expected to be prepared and graded accordingly but the teacher/professor was not.

mygaylifeandme said...

I was blog-hopping when I stumbled upon your blog. Regarding your post, nope, not a snob at all.