Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love or Not love

I love...

  • walking out to my car in the morning, looking through the trees and seeing Orion perfectly framed by the branches (yes, I leave early enough to still see the stars clearly)
  • learning a new skill
  • exploring my inner craft goddess
  • crispy leaves
  • Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream
  • engaging in interesting discussions on topics I am passionate about
  • listening to the ordered chaos of a lively family dinner
  • new socks

I do not love...

  • waking up long before the sun comes up
  • the lock of the driver side door of my car is broken and I have not had the time/energy to deal with it yet
  • allergies that make my nose red and raw
  • the days seem to get away from me


Whitney said...

You should get that lock fixed before winter, but I do love crispy leaves. Especially walking through them. :) xx

coachveronicam said...

you have inspired me to plan to write my own "love"/"do not love" post. =)