Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Cheer

As of late I don't blog nearly as often as I used to. Sometimes I'll sit down to do it and I'll stare at the empty window of a new post and just draw a blank. I got nothin'. And since I'm not an entirely narcissistic and self centered person (not entirely) I wouldn't want to bore you BUT something happened this week and I think it's important to share....are you ready? It's December!!! It is the end of the 2009, winter and Christmas is upon us. There is fresh snow on the ground. Every time I walk into a grocery store I hear the gentle ringing of the Salvation Army bells. Santa, reindeer, lights and wreaths are everywhere. My apartment smells like Christmas thanks to the pretty pine tree sitting in my living room. I love the Christmas season. It is nearly impossible to not be happy. I love shopping for my loved ones and finding the perfect gift for them. More often than not, it is quite a struggle for me to not give it to them right away or at least tell them what it is. But more importantly, apart from all the commercialism of Christmas - the lights, the santas and food - we get to focus on the birth of Christ, our Saviour. A friend has been sending an email every day in December about Christ to help us remember the real reason for the season. On the 5th she sent this:

His hour had come. He was alone, yet among crowds of people. Alone He was, with eager angels waiting to comfort him. Alone with his Father in deepest sympathy, but knowing that his Son must walk alone the bloody and Tortuous path. Alone he had been in the garden- praying for strength to drink the bitter cup.

He who alone on the earth created the world and all that is in it, he who made the silver from which the pieces were stamped which bought him, he who could command defenders on both sides of the veil-- stood and suffered. What dignity! What mastery! What control! - Spencer W. Kimball (Ensign, Dec. 1980)

I love the commercial, Hallmark side of Christmas as much as the next person, but I hope this holiday season we remember the real reason for the season - Christ.